Friday, 13 May 2011

CyberMummy Meet and Greet.

So I am very excited that I was lucky enough to get hold of a ticket to go to Cybermummy this year.  I am very new to blogging and saw lots of people talking about 'Cybermummy' on twitter, but by the time I finally got confident to ask about what it was all about, it had sold out!  I was disappointed as it sounded right up my street and I really want to learn more about blogging and meet some of the friends I have made so far.

That's when I heard through the grapevine (well twitter actually!) that someone was selling a ticket.  Woo hoo- I practically ripped the ticket out of her hand before she could say anything, and now I am a soon to be Cybermummy attendee!

Carly at Mummys Shoes is hosting a meet and greet so people can introduce themselves before they arrive, which is fab for me as a relative newbie!

Without further ado...

Name: Kat

Twitter ID: @mummydaddyme

Height: 5ft 6 and a half. (the half makes all the difference)

Hair: Browny, down to my shoulders.

Eyes: Blue

Likes: Travelling, Sun, Chocolate, Vanilla Ice cream, Diet Coke, Angel Delight, Photography, Reading, Cuddles, Apple (the company not the fruit, although the fruit isn't bad!)

Dislikes: Horseradish, selfish people, unfriendly people, wasps, coffee, people cracking their knuckles.

I really can't wait to meet everyone, so if you are going do comment and let me know. 

Here is me and Mads, my lovely girl!

See you all in June!


Working london mummy said...

looking forward to seeing you in June x

Mrs E said...

Really looking forward to meeting you too hun.

Liska said...

See you there sweetie. Got a taste for it now what with Blog Camp n' all.
Liska xx

Claire Sheehan said...

So glad to hear my ticket has made you so happy!! I hope you have a fabulous time.


Mrs E said...

It really has Claire, thanks so much! Sorry that you don't get to go though, but I am sure your son's production will be worth it. :)

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy said...

Can't wait for Cybermummy! See you there :-)

Sian Mummy-Tips said...

That's a lovely pic.

See you in a few weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

see you on Saturday Kat, relax and enjoy (they will be find without you) X