Tuesday, 3 May 2011

One of many fashion shames....

So the Tots 100 Blog Hop this month is all about 'fashion shames.'  I can safely say that I have my fair share, and I am going to share one with you now.

Let me take a deep breath and admit something to you all....

I used to dress like a Chav.  

Actually I just looked up the definition of Chav online and apparently I am a Chavette.  

There I said it.  It is now out in the open and I have told my deepest, darkest secret.  I am not a Chav, and never have been a Chav (I went to Private School dahling-albeit on a scholarship!) but I went through a period of time that I thought it was acceptable to have bleached blond hair, dark heavy eyeshadow, and more fake tan than you could even imagine.  The best thing about the aforementioned fake tan is that I could not apply it properly which you can see from my white patches in the photo below.

My outfits wouldn't of been out of place in your local red light district.

Please see example above.

No we are not in fancy dress.  I actually made the decision to leave the house like this and no one had the decency to stop me.
I am the one on the left.  Note the yellow hair to match my rather short skirt.  The heavy makeup and the rather delightful hoop earrings.  Also why we thought it was good to wear matching outfits I do not know.

Yes I know I look like Barbie on crack with a pimp for a boyfriend instead of the lovely Ken.

There is much more evidence where this came from but for now they are staying hidden.  I have to maintain some dignity.

At least I have managed to get it off my chest.  Please don't have nightmares.


Frankie P said...

very brave, lucky for me all my shameful photos are on the other side of the world...

Mummy...Mummy.....MUM!! said...

Ha ha, I have many very similar photos!! x