Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My hairy baby- first ever Gallery photo!

As I am new to this blogging malarky I have been having a nose around to see what I can do to get started and I have found a weekly challenge thats right up my street. 'The Gallery' by Tara from Sticky Fingers.

I have not been very imaginative this week and have used a photo that was already on my computer but it will have to do.

Below is a photo of my Mads at ten weeks.  My daughter was lucky enough to have been born with a full head of dark hair and it is growing thicker by the day whereas all her other friends seem to be losing theirs!  However the one thing I can guarantee everyone says when they meet her for the first time is...

'Oh wow look at her hair and those highlights.'

She has the best blond highlights and has had them since she made her appearance into the world 13 weeks ago, in fact the midwife commented on them even when we were still in theatre!  

They are lovely, but I am also a wee bit jealous and resentful of her, after all her Mummy has to pay £80 a pop for her's!

You can't really tell that well on the above picture, but its an excuse to put a smily baby shot on!


Anonymous said...

awwwwww - so very cute. love the hair!

Mummy...Mummy.....MUM!! said...

gorgeous! My little one had loads of hair too!

Sonia said...

She is beautiful! Love her hair :O)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she is very sweet, and what a smile. Fab photo. Welcome to the Gallery and enjoy (it's addictive)

Elle and Belle said...

Wow, her hair! Highlights! I didn't even know that was possible lol. Lucky lucky girl :)