Thursday, 31 March 2011

No don't worry about me!!

I have just met another new mummy friend for a vanilla latte (who says being on maternity leave is hard!) in Costa Coffee. 

Having been there many times before, BC (before child) and since she has been born, I do know that the door is very narrow for my big Quinny Buzz wheels. (Anyone who has or has had a Quinny Buzz must agree with me that the wheels are rather large!)  

I attempted to open the door first and enter the shop before the pram, pulling the pram in once inside.  This didn't work so I went back out and tried to negotiate the pram in while still holding the door open. (No mean feat let me tell you!)

The shop was full of people having their coffee who actually sat their and watched me struggling, not to mention the people in the queue who had a good gawp too.

Now I don't think that I am royalty and deserve having the door opened for me, nor did I expect them to kiss my feet when I entered, but surely manners haven't completely disappeared and someone could have got off their chair to help me out when I was so obviously struggling?

I think my pram needs a set of L plates.  Will I ever learn to get through a door first time!?

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Sonia said...

Don't get me started on the Quinny's bloody wheels!!! ;D