Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Just call me Nigella...

Since having Mads I could easily get used to being a housewife or stay at home mum.  I would like nothing more than spending time with my daughter and running our home as I see fit.  Unfortunately unless we win the lottery or I think of a spectacular business idea before the end of September it is pretty much certain that I will be sitting at my desk come October, albeit hopefully part time.

However I was saying to Mr E the other night that it was a shame because I thrive as a housewife extraordinaire.  

I like to think of myself as a pretty good wife and now a pretty good mother.  

I look after all the finances in our house, making sure that the council tax is paid and Mr Gas Man doesn't leave us with no hot water.

I only shrink the occasional thing in the tumble dryer.

I keep our home exceptionally clean. (In fact I have an obsessive relationship with my hoover and love it almost as much as my husband)  Even with a new baby on a mission to be sick on every single surface there is and who comes with more kit than you could have thought possible.  You would be hard pressed to find even the smallest spec of dust on any of my windowsills or surfaces and you could eat your dinner off my toilet seats.

I have just mentioned the problem right there.

For all the cleaning, budgeting and washing there is a huge black cloud hanging over me and therefore stopping me from winning the award for the most amazing housewife/mother/wifey ever.

That's right. Dinner.  Or lunch, breakfast or any snack in between.  I am the world's most terrible cook.  I don't like to admit it and I pretend to my friends that I am in fact Nigella in disguise.  This is a big fat lie. Mr E does all the cooking in our house and always has done.  

Well I shouldn't say all.  I can rustle up a pretty mean pizza or a rather fantastic chicken and chips.

I have managed to cook three special meals for him in the six years we have been together.

1. I cooked him a rather lovely spaghetti bolognese.  Unfortunately I left the paper sheet on the bottom of the mince.  Not very tasty.

2. When Mads was a few weeks old I got some Marks and Spencer cookie dough and muffin mix.  How hard can it be to fail at a pre-made mix where you just add a bit of water and butter?  For me very hard.  I burned the cookies and Mr E very nearly broke a tooth.

3.  Lastly my latest culinary delight.  Shepard's Pie potatoes.  Essentially jacket potatoes mashed up with mince and cheese.  You can see below how that turned out. (Yes that black dry stuff is the mince)

Guess I won't be winning any awards or giving up the day job any time soon.

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