Thursday, 7 April 2011

Kreativ Award

I have been awarded this Kreativ Blogger Award from Vickie at Never found the plot.  I actually like doing things like this because it makes me think about myself and that is something that you don't get to really do that often!
The rules to this linky are-

1) Link to 10 Blogs
2) Let the 10 bloggers know they’ve been awarded
3) List 10 facts about you

Here we go then-

1. My only claim to fame is that I appeared in the back of a Mr Motivator video when I was about ten years old.  Even better is that he was on a mat on ice and we were all on ice skates.

2. I have an extreme obsession to diet coke.  People say this but in my case it is verging on ridiculous.  I get aggressive if I don't have it.  I generally get through at least 3 cans a day.  Today I have had 2 litres.  I realise this is not good for me but I can't stop!

3. I have a huge fear of wasps.  If one is the room I have to leave.  Often this has disastrous consequences.  When I was doing my GCSE examinations, during one exam a wasp flew into the sports hall we were sitting in. (There were about 150 people in there)  It flew near me and I jumped up so quick that my chair fell on to the floor and my pen flew out of my hand and hit one of my classmates in the back of the head.  It was Spanish and I still got an A.

4. I really do have bad eyesight.  When I was pregnant I was trying to get ready without putting my contact lenses in.  I put toothpaste on my razor.  This could have been very dangerous.

5. You could call me Monica from Friends.  I am an obsessive clean freak.  My home is something I am immensely proud of.  One of the worst fights myself and my husband have had is because he got a drop of red wine on the carpet.  I cried for ages.  I realise this makes me sound slightly psychotic but unfortunately it is true!

6. I have a scar right in the middle of my forehead where I had an accident when I was three.  It is my earliest memory.  I was with a babysitter and wanted her to read me a Thomas the Tank Engine book.  I ran to find her and the dog was lying on the rug.  I went to jump over him and as I did he got up.  I smashed through the window to the outside below.  I still hold a grudge both against Thomas and the dog, who sadly is no longer with us.  

7. I used to be obsessed with talking to friends on the phone when I was younger.  One time I ran up a £830 bill.  Needless to say my mum was less than impressed.  Now I hate talking on the phone which is a shame because a lot of my friends live far away.

8. I failed my driving test four times.  The first one I thought I would pass because my driving instructor had given me a heads up about an examiner called Mr Tit who would generally pass girls if they wore low cut tops.  I did this but still failed.  He obviously wasn't impressed.  The second one I failed for tailgating a three wheel car.  Some would call that unlucky!

9. I lived with my husband before we even got together and have lived with him ever since.  I met him in a bar where I worked part time while I was at university. We became brilliant friends and when I finished uni a lot of my friends left Leeds so I moved in with him and he and I lived in a lovely flat together.  We kissed for the first time on the day our tenacy was up and I was moving in with some different friends.  I never did move in with the other friends, I moved into the house he had bought and the rest they say is history.

10. I once bumped into Les Dennis in a hotel corridor in Bristol.  Literally.  Well he bumped into me and knocked me flying.  He never did say sorry.

Now I get to choose 10 lovely blogs to link too and I am really looking to reading more about you all.  Apologies if you have already been tagged. @ @SAHMlovingit @witwitwoo @larabob @Mummyandbeastie @TheMummyBean @laurenhousewife


Sonia said...

Lmao at the thought of you tailgating a three wheeler!! :D
Awww love the way you and hubby got together <3

Mummy and the Beastie said...

I can't believe you crashed through a window! and your story with your husband is super romantic, awww. I had a lot of fun doing my list! :-) x