Friday, 29 April 2011

Flashback Friday- The One Where We Get Engaged

As there is a rather small, low key wedding going on today, I felt like it was only right that my Flashback Friday for this week had a wedding theme.  Last week was my hen do and this week I have decided to take a trip down memory lane and write about the day Mr E decided to ask me to be his wife.

Mr E and I were living with my Mum at the time to save up some money for a deposit on a house, having moved back to Cambridgeshire from London.  He had told me that we were doing something exciting one weekend so as to make sure I didn't make any plans.  I had been going on and on about going to Go Ape so I honestly thought this was where we were going!

On the Thursday evening before said weekend we went out with my Mum and her partner to celebrate Mr E's 30th birthday as my Mum's partner was going on a climbing holiday and wouldn't be around for his actual birthday which was the following week.  We had a lovely time and drank lots of champagne and were quite tipsy so when Mr E awoke around 6am on the Friday morning I presumed it was because he was a bit hungover.

He was tossing and turning and obviously couldn't sleep so in the end I asked him what was wrong.  He turned round and out of the blue said 'Look under your pillow I think a fairy has been.'  I had just woken up and hadn't got my contact lenses in so was all disorientated!  I looked under the pillow and pulled out a small box.  I still don't think it really sank in but all of a sudden he uttered the best words 'Will you Marry me?'  I started crying my eyes out and jumping round the room.  My engagement ring was a beautiful platinum solitaire diamond.

He presented me with a goody bag which had lots of different bits in it including two plane tickets to Edinburgh for later on that afternoon.  He also had arranged for me to have my nails done that morning (in order to look my best for showing off the ring!)  He also arranged for some of my family to meet us in a bar near us for a champagne breakfast.

That afternoon we flew up to Edinburgh and it was one of the best weekends of my life.  We spent the daytimes mooching around the shops (where I also got terribly spoilt with perfume and a new purse!) and the first evening he had booked for us to go to Harvey Nichols for dinner.  One memorable part was when we decided to order a bottle of champagne.  As we were deciding the waiter came over with the bottle we were going to pick (Laurent Perrier Rose if anyone ever fancies buying me a bottle- its my favourite!) and a card.  We were totally confused until we opened it and my Mum had bought us one with a little card saying Congratulations.  That made me cry again!  The tables are quite close together and I dread to think what the couple next door thought of us!

The second night it was amazing because it was late August and the festival was just ending.  There was a lovely fireworks display on which was very romantic.  We got very tipsy as we went on a mini bar crawl.

Below is a small snapshot of photos from the weekend.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend, and Mr E made me the happiest person in the world when he asked me to be his wife.  Who would have thought that three years later we would have a lovely baby daughter!

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ninja-hobbit said...

This is such a lovely post! :-) I've got tears in my eyes, and I'm not even a crier!! You lucky lady. I'm hoping my big moment is as lovely as that!

Really enjoying your blog :-) Xoxo

HELEN said...

ah, Mr E is so lovely! And those photos are great. What a lovely story.

Dianne x said...

Wow he planned everything so well, my husband would never of been so organised.

Looks like you both had a wonderful time.

Thanks for sharing


Frankie P said...

How romantic and so perfectly planned, he has a lot to live up to now...

Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin said...

Awww what beautiful and romantic post! Very apt with that other minor event thatnhappened today! Your photos are really lovely too. Your hubby did well!

Lauren "Real Housewife" said...

I love this so much!
The photos are brilliant too.
What an amazing man!!

Mummy and the Beastie said...

What an exceptional husband you have! Your story was just so lovely and he sounded like he made it perfect and didn't miss anything out, you have a good one there (I think you already know that). Love the piccies of you and your ring complete with manicured hand! :-) xx

Liska said...

What a fab FF.
I'm a HR Manager (in answer to your question) xx

would like to be a yummy mummy said...

aaahhh so romantic. I have never joined in FF but think I will now x