Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A little leak...breastfeeding problem!

We have all heard the horror stories.  The dreaded 'leaking in public.'  A thought that scares even the most hardened of breast feeding mums.  And it happened to me.  Yesterday in fact.

The weather has been so beautiful recently and it has really got me in a fashion dilemma.  I have lots of beautiful floaty summer tops and dresses (perfect for hiding the still look three month's pregnant tummy) but unfortunately there is one problem.  My bras.  Being a breast feeder I have to wear mammoth strapped, passion killer bras with the added turn on of breast pads.  Not only does it ruin any 'heat of the moment' action, it also plays havoc with my summer wardrobe.  In short I can not find any pretty clothes that cover these monstrosities.

Back to yesterday.  We were going on a family day out to the races.  The weather was glorious and I decided that just once I was going to rebel against my ugly friends.  I was going to wear a pretty summer top and wear a strapless bra.  Shock horror.  With under wire.  Having suffered from mastitis five times during the course of nursing my daughter, once because my bra was too tight, this was no mean feat.  

Anyway I donned my outfit and felt pretty special let me tell you.  I was a yummy mummy.  Added with some tight skinny jeans, high heeled wedges and the floaty top to cover my bulge, I didn't scrub up too bad for someone who has just had a baby. (Well four months ago but whose counting?)

We arrived at the races and everywhere you looked there were gorgeous, glamorous ladies in dresses and looking as orange as David Dickinson in the summer.  But I felt OK.  I may not be the epitome of glamour but I was looking alright.

The friends we were with bought champagne and I sipped on my one and a half glasses that the health visitor advised me was OK.  Mads was in a pretty dress and being as good as gold and we were having a lovely day.  

Fast forward a few hours.  We were half way through the day when my boobies began to hurt.  As in throb.  And go red hot.  I know the early signs now and when I felt them they had lumps.  My dreaded friend beginning with M wanted to make a comeback.  (That's Mastitis not Mads!)  I panicked and in a moment of madness decided that the best thing to do would be to remove my bra.  It was my fault for being vain and now my boobs had decided to punish me.

Nipping to the disabled toilet (with my Mum might I add, who had had a few more glasses of champagne than I had, and thought she could be of use) I removed my bra.  Unfortunately the pretty, floaty summer top was also rather see through and you could see my nipples through it.  My Mum lent me her pashmina and I shoved some tissue down there to stop any leakages.  As you could see the tissue through it I had to make sure the pashmina was covering me at all times.

All was fine for a while and no one noticed a thing.  I was on the home straight with only a few races to go.

It was the last race of the day and we were all stood amongst the crowd waiting for the horses to start.  I felt a wet patch and thought at first someone was dripping their drink on me as it was busy.   But no it wasn't.  My right breast had decided to leak through the tissue, through my top and through the pashmina.  And not just a little bit, a lot.  Luckily everyone was too engrossed in the last race to notice me but I did notice a few people glancing my direction.

I am going to start weaning Mads soon and slowly I will start to wean her off me and on to follow on milk.  Hopefully just in time for when summer actually begins!


Kia @ A View From Here said...

Oh no!
Forgive me if the question is daft... Would it have helped to feed Mads?
Would that have helped fend off the mastitis and super-full leaky boobs?

At least you got to feel special and wear your pretty summer top for (most of) the day =)

Mrs E said...

Not a daft question at all! I can only feed her from one side so when I am out for a long time the side I can't feed her from gets very full! I have to constantly express as well!

Dianne x said...

My heart goes out to you but I would like to say a big well done for giving Mads the best start in life. I am a breastfeeding consultant and lots of my mums have been to primark and bought cheap thin strap vest tops to wear under their floaty dresses and tops and they look very glamarous. When your breast started getting full you could of tried hand expressing some milk off in the toilet. A few drinks is fine whilst you are feeding. I hope you still had a brilliant day and I am sure you looked amazing.

Dianne x

Mrs E said...

Thanks Dianne that means a lot, it really has not been easy due to the fact I can only feed her from one side and the mastitis but I was determined! X

QWERTY Mum said...

Leaky boobs is not a good look! Neither is savoy cabbage leaves down your bra but it really helps to relieve mastitis x

Emma said...

Bless you, but don't worry I imagine lots of people had drunk far too much champagne to think that you had a leaky boob. I remember those days well though! Popping over from Blow Your Own blog horn... Emma :)